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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

doublo effect & Safety

World first synergy system of

MFU and RF

Amazing therapeutic effect through the two famous lifting treatment of MFU and RF
MFU + RF, the best synergy mechanisms for lifting are in one handpiece
World first synergy dotting system

*MFU : Microfocused Ultrasound

Synergy effect

Synergy of MFU and RF

World's first SD (Synergy Dotting) handpiece, combining MFU and RF

- Maximize clinical results while minimizing treatment pain and swelling
- SD treatment provides a double lifting effect through the combination of MFU and RF

*SD Technology
Synergy mode (MFU & RF)
Dotting MFU only mode
Rubbing RF only mode

NEW DOUBLO 2.0: What’s New

Point 1.

Boosted Performance of MFU and RF with 4 New Long Type SD Cartridges
Extended Cartridge Body Ensures More Safety for Longer Procedures
Length increased from 10cm to 14cm
Higher Frequency Ensures Significant Increase in Procedure Speed
Frequency elevated from 7Hz to 10Hz

Point 2.

Enhanced Lifting Effect with 6 New Advanced FL (Focused Linear) Cartridges
Advanced Cartridges with Improved Energy Concentration for Increased Focal Zone Formation Precision
Target Depth
Focal Zone (R18)
Target Depth
Focal Zone (R12.5)

Point 3.

Line Mode for Faster Treatment and Full Coverage
Easy Switch to Line Mode for Thorough Coverage and Elevated Treatment Speed
Dot Mode
Dot + Line Mode

20 Types of Cartridges

Different cartridge types for enhanced usability

- FL : Slim/ Normal/ Wide/ Advanced type cartriges can be chosen for treatment area. "Advanced type" cartridges provide higher
thermal effect with less pain through enhanced power concentration
- SD : Pen type and long type are available. "Long type" cartridges allow safer and longer procedure
by controlling temperature change

Customized treatment with various cartridges

- There are different types of cartridge for face and body
- With enhanced power concentration, body cartridge targets the subcutaneous layer at 2 different depths for body contouring and tightening


· Can choose between DOT and LINE mode for various treatment
· LINE mode provides more precise and faster treatment
DOT Mode

Treatment Results

Compared to MFU-only, MFU+RF combined treatment
increases collagen & elastin activation

Section Before Treatment After Treatment
H&E Stain The darker the pink,
the higher the collagen
MT Stain The darker the blue,
the more elastin
activity is checked
(X100, scale bar:100 μm)

Compared to MFU-only, MFU+RF combined treatment
transfers higher heat in a wider area

Section Before Treatment After Treatment

Compared to MFU-only, MFU+RF combined treatment
shows 142.9% improvement in wrinkle

Section Before Treatment After Treatment
4 weeks later 8 weeks later

Compared to MFU-only, MFU+RF combined treatment
shows 131.3% improvement in smile lines

Section Before Treatment After Treatment
4 weeks later 8 weeks later


Patented safety

· Contact Sensor : The cartridge will stop operating to prevent damage when it is not contacted with the skin
· Movement Sensor : The movement sensor prevents consecutive shots in one place

Slim and light cartridges

Convenient and safe treatment for curved, narrow area with better visibility on treatment spot


Sub LCD applied handpiece

· Intuitive sub LCD supporting convenient energy setting
· Handpiece and foot switch 2 ways shooting methods
· Quiet and light treatment procedure with reduced weight handpiece

Quattro handpieces

· 4 handpieces included for convenient and fast treatment,
no need to change cartridges
· Combine different handpieces to provide customized treatment

Treatment Information System (TIS)

The recorded parameters allow customized treatment
Frequently used parameters record management system

·Patient customized treatment available

·Auto mode and manual mode

Convenient treatment is possible because recommended protocols
according to the treatment site for each cartridge are stored


Providing new experience and effect
· The MFU+RF Synergy treatment provides higher heat over a broader area
· MFU+RF combined treatment allows enhancing production of both collagen & elastin
Profit-generating device featuring new technology and a range of handpieces
· Provide top-class treatment with the MFU+RF synergy
· Single device for treating the skin and shaping the body
Shortened procedure time
Improved treatment speed: 300 shots in 5 minutes - 25% faster than the previous device edition
· SD (Synergy Dotting) handpieces are designed to provide a combination of treatments that saves time while achieving optimal results
OPTION Upgraded RM handpiece to provide an all-encompassing treatment range with one device
· Enhancing the range of medical practice by treating acne, scars, and pigmentation with the newly upgraded RM handpiece
· Multi-Frequency Energy Control System for personalizing the levels of energy density and coverage (0.5mhz, 1.0mhz, and 2.0mhz)
· Multi-Pulse Mode and adjustable Pulse Duration for side effects reduction and treatment precision
With 10 years of experience on MFU from DOUBLO,
HIRONIC is proud to launch the next new MFU device
“New DOUBLO 2.0”
· New MFU new DOUBLO is released with 10 years of know how from doublo to now
· Experience the synergy of the world’s fisrt patented MFU + RF technology
·Technology trend
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