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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

Experience photoacoustic

PICOHI 300 picosecond laser

  • The Real 300 picosecond

    1.67 GW Peak Power

  • The innovative 4 steps VMLA

    DOE Mode

  • The sustainable RMS

    Mobile APP System


the new photoacoustic effect
Next generation pico laser
Real 300ps pulse duration
Stable technology providing pulse duration of 300ps
Non-photothermal effect,
Photomechanical effect treatment
Upgraded from photothermal effect treatment,
photomechanical effect treatment allows selective
treatment on targeted areas
Various handpieces for
improving of skin rejuvenation
DOE & MLA handpieces can provide various types of treatment
in multiple sizes and depths depending on the treatment area.

Why 300ps?

· Stress Relaxation Time(SRT) of 1㎛ melanosome is 300ps.
The shock wave caused by the picosecond pulse acts only on the melanosome
without being transmitted to the surrounding tissues.
· Thermal Relaxation Time(TRT) of 10–100nm tattoo ink particle is 100ps-10ns.
300ps is equipped with appropriate pulse duration to destroy smaller particles
than other picoseconds lasers.
· Micro bubble occurs in the skin more strongly by high peak power related to
shorter pulse duration. High peak power with 300ps pulse duration increases
LIOB formation and skin rejuvenation effect.

High Power

300 picosecond pulse duration

Peak power higher than Q-switch or other pico lasers provide
maximum effect on tattoo removal, pigment treatment and skin rejuvenation.

Peak Power

  • Zoom H/P

    1064nm, 532nm
  • Collimated H/P

  • VMLA H/P

  • ZMLA H/P

  • DOE H/P

  • DOE H/P


High Effect

LIOB effect with PICOHI VMLA handpiece (biopsy result)

Bubble within the skin helps to regenerate tissues which create new collagen
for skin rejuvenation effect. MLA & DOE handpieces of PICOHI provides effective
rejuvenation treatment


Precise treatment at different layers from Deep dermis to Epidermis with 13mm beam size

Depth depending on the target can be adjusted(0.5mm)


Cover the various lesion sizes and providing effective results

Adjustable Beam Size depending on the treatment (4~12mm)


Synergy rejuvenation effect with MLA handpieces

Very even energy uniformity with 10mm(7*7 dots) spot size


Collimated H/P

Stable and effective toning treatment with same spot size regardless of laser separation distance

1064nm collimation / 10mm spot size

Zoom H/P

Various pigmentation treatment possible

1064nm · 532nm basic zoom / 2~10mm spot size

Tattoo Removal

Red and Yellow

Color treatment

Zoom H/P

532nm · 1.5~7.5mm spot size


Color treatment

Zoom H/P

1064nm · 2~10mm spot size

Clinical Data

  • Lentigine Treatment ㅣ after1 treatment

  • Tattoo Removal Treatment ㅣ after1 treatment

  • Scratched Scar Treatment ㅣ after1 treatment

High Convenience
RMS system (Remote Maintenance System)

Patient History Record

Fast and smart treatment is possible as the parameters
for previous treatments will be recorded and memorized.
The saved parameters can be managed through history
for future treatments which may be a similar case.

Remote Management through
Cloud System

Lamp and consumable replacement notice
Protocols saved
Self diagnosis and inspection
Malfunction prevention and assist functions

Treatment History

Contents of the treatment history chart can be reviewed

Patients Information

Treatment history information is displayed when searching for patient information

Save Settings

4 different types settings can be saved (M1~M4)

Feedback Survey

Patient satisfaction can be ranked with five different icons (To survey of patient satisfaction)

Audio guide & Plug in

Selectable voice recordings in 5 languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Hispanic, Arabic)
Handpiece type is indicated through pop-up when different hanpiece is attached
Easy to Use
  • Upper Shelf Display Zone

    Convenient Treament Preparation
  • Shark air vent hole

    Fast and powerful air circulator
  • Handpiece storage

    Finding easy setting
  • Wide LCD 12.1”

PICOHI Specification
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