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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

High Power
High Effect
High Convenience

High Power

The Real 300 picosecond

PICOHI is a high peak power(1.67GW) technology real-picosecond pulsed Laser system.
PICOHI combines high power energy(500mJ) and ultra-short pulses(300ps) to work for the most effective treatment
of multicolored tattoo, pigmentations, scars, and skin rejuvenations.

high power hironic

300 picosecond pulse duration

Innovation for safety and reliability

pulse duration hironic

Peak Power

peak power picohi peak power picohi

Selective VMLA & DOE H/P

PICOHI's VMLA and DOE Fractional treatments take advantage of laser
with the creation of LIOBs for collagen remodeling
and skin rejuvenation.
The synergy between these two Frctional treatment(VMLA & DOE)
effects is the key of the success in full treatment of scars
and wrinkles.

Innovative 4 steps of VMLA

Innovative Evolution, 4 steps depth

Beam Uniformity

High efficiency and sensitive treatment

beam uniformity picohi beam uniformity picohi beam uniformity picohi beam uniformity picohi

Wide variety of applicators

Ergonomic design, PICOHI GOLD

Wide variety of applicators Wide variety of applicators Wide variety of applicators

High Effect

Treatment Lesion

1 Tattoo Removal Various Colors tattoo, Tattoo on arm, Bold tattoo, Tattoo on neck

2 Pigmented Lesions Freckles, Age Spots, Café au Lait, Nevus of ota

3 Skin Rejuvenation Acne scar, Pore, Wrinkle, Stretched marks

high effect tretment lesion high effect tretment lesion high effect tretment lesion


Sustainable RMS SYSTEM

Remote technical diagnosis by wifi connection
& Software upgrade by wifi connection

Sustainable RMS SYSTEM Sustainable RMS SYSTEM

Big data Application

Integrated management system

big data application big data application

Easy & Intuitive GUI

Colorful genius, PICOHI GUI

Easy & Intuitive GUI Easy & Intuitive GUI
Easy Guide Easy Guide

Easy Guide

Easy and Convenient One –touch system provides the
ultimate user convenience

easy to use easy to use

PICOHI Specification

Wavelengths 1064nm, 532nm
Pulse Duration 300ps, 275ps
Peak Power 1.67GW, 0.91GW
Pulse Energy (max) 500mJ, 250mJ
Repetition Rate Single, 1, 2, 5, 10Hz
Handpiece Zoom H/P 1064nm (Spot size : 2 to 10mm)
532nm (Spot size : 1.5 to 7.5mm)
Collimation H/P 1064nm (Spot size : 10mm)
VMLA H/P 1064nm (Beam size : 14mm)
DOE H/P * 1064nm, 532nm (Spot size : 10mm)
DYE H/P * 585nm, 650nm (Spot size : 3, 5mm)
Convenience system RMS System (WIFI)
Wide LCD 12.1"
Upper Shelf Display Zone
Handpiece storage
Hidden front handle & Back handle
General Electrical Power 200~240 VAC, 3.6 KVA, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 455(W) x 1040(L) x 975(H) mm
Weight 150kg

* Optional Handpiece