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이진우 하이로닉 대표는 14일 "미용의료기기 세계 시장은 새로운 시장이고, 빠르게 성장하고 있다"며 "국내 기업이 이시장에서 빛을 보려면 과감한 규제 개선이 필요하다"고 말했다. [사진=이노비즈협회]


"The future of beauty market growth is through popularization of personal devices."

Lee Jin-woo, CEO of Hironic, said in an interview with Aju Economy on the 14th, "The market potential for beauty medical devices is endless due to the aging population and the spread of avoiding direct contact caused by Corona 19."

"Price competitiveness is inevitably the key to any market after growth," CEO Lee said. "A growing number of consumers will choose the personal beauty medical device market, which is cheaper for high-quality products, rather than the existing market for beauty medical devices centered on medical institutions."

Hironic is an innovative small and medium-sized company (Innobiz) that manufactures and sells high-speed, ultra-sonic beauty medical devices that are treated in dermatology for lifting. Hironic beauty medical devices are the world's second and first domestically developed product. More than 3,000 hospitals and clinics at home and abroad use this product. Established in 2007, Hironic entered KOSDAQ for the first time in seven years in recognition of its technological prowess and is aiming for the best in its peer group with quality and price competitiveness as a weapon. Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on developing products for personal devices and upgrading technologies rather than medical beauty medical devices.

"Hironic considers differentiation as life," CEO Lee said. "In the past, the effects of personal devices were often insignificant, but our products were both simple and economical. "This is because we have developed a technology that can be easily used by individuals by miniaturizing the technology that is used in hospitals and clinics."​

"Picohi, a picosecond laser used in hospitals and clinics, is effective in pigmentation and can be safely treated," CEO Lee said. "It is characterized by reduced pain and side effects as it produces strong laser light in a shorter time than conventional laser." CEO Lee also said, "Double lifting is known to be safe and effective lifting, and has been consistently performed in hospitals and clinics," adding, "Recently, we have developed a personal beauty device for customers who are reluctant to go out with the Corona 19." "We can easily manage skin elasticity and V-line at home," he said.

"We recently developed innovative picosecond laser, RF needle systems, plasma skin care devices, and personal devices to increase sales by promoting speed management," he said. "In January of this year, sales were 20 to 30 percent higher than the previous year." I was thinking about the effect of launching a new product, but the COVID19 occurred. Fortunately, customer evaluation of equipment has been good recently, which is helping increase sales despite difficulties.

Regarding management difficulties caused by regulations, he said, "The global market for beauty medical devices is a new market, and they are growing rapidly." He added, "Beauty devices are devices that are treated for beauty, so they are highly safe and have very low risk." Nevertheless, there are too many regulations in Korea as beauty medical devices are not applied separately within the Medical Devices Act. There needs to be a legal overhaul of this," he said.​

"We need to boldly remove unnecessary regulations and create many growth support policies so that the beauty medical device market can be revitalized by taking advantage of the domestic market environment, which has a high interest in beauty and has a large number of excellent medical personnel," he added. "There will be many people who want to do business only when entrepreneurs who are making great efforts for Korea's economic development are socially recognized."



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