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The Newest Updates on Hironic


  • TitleHIRONIC, Pico laser accelerates overseas expansion of PICOHI
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  • Date19-08-22 16:32

HIRONIC, which specializes in medical esthetic, reported that it has developed and completed pico laser PICOHI based on its know-how and technical skills that have been concentrated for 13 years, and is achieving tangible sales results in overseas markets.

Starting with the pronoun "doublo" for integrated ultrasonography lifting, HIRONIC is a solid product lineup that ensures its position in the market as a manufacturer of skin and body care medical equipment, ranging from the cooling lipid decomposition equipment "MICOOL" to the "Plasonic" with plasma.

PICOHI is an Nd:YAG laser based picosecond laser device and its investigation time in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second) is estimated to be 300 picoseconds(a trillions of a second) faster. Pico laser is able to treat various pigmented lesions of the skin, such as ticks and freckles, and has strong peak power, minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue when treating tattoos, scars and skin regeneration in various colors.

PICOHI VMLA Handpiece produces optimal LIOB to help with collagen remodeling and to maximize skin regeneration effect so that it is possible to adjust depth of 4 stages, thereby facilitating treatment of lesions in the dermis from the epidermis. In addition, real-time equipment monitoring was enabled to implement a system for diagnosing problems in advance through advance equipment diagnosis, taking into account user convenience.

"We have laid the foundation for the expansion of sales to various countries with the release of PICOHI, which has been highly sought by foreign buyers since the development process, on the high-growth of the domestic and foreign beauty medical equipment markets every year, We are expecting high expectations for the second half of sales growth through the new product lineup."  a company official said.