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  • TitleHIRONIC, Low-Level Laser Theraphy system ‘ByeLipo’ achieved item permi…
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  • Date18-11-13 15:26




Last month, skin care medical device manufacturer “Hironic” who has achieved FDA for acne treatment device ‘A-fit’ and successfully entered USA market, now has achieved item permission for domestic medical device for ‘Bye-Lipo’, Low-Level Laser Theraphy device.
ByeLipo is consist of Laser output control body, Multi Laser output probe, EN Laser output probe, etc. This method is used to contact the probe to skin and output laser through the probe.
Low Level Laser Therapy is effective for pain relief and if outputs 40mW continuous mode, it stimulates mitochondria in the cell which accelerates the electron delivery and increases ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) and helps skin rejuvenation.
ByeLipo already got an export approval and it’s actively selling to not only Asian countries but also Central and South America. They say that they are having positive reviews from their buyers.




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