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  • TitleDoublo Gold Lifting for Improved Skin Elasticity
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Non-invasive facelifting techniques are of interest to consumers seeking to maintain youthful skin.

Modern people of all ages wish to stay young for longer. Of the hallmarks of a youthful face, such as face shape and defined features, clear and elastic skin is the trait sought by all those desiring a younger appearance.

The skin enveloping the face is a critical indicator of its possessor's age. Those seeking lasting youth use such products as facial massage, anti-aging cosmetics, and facial exercise to combat burgeoning signs of aging.  

The jawline in particular requires special care, if a defined V-line jawline is to be preserved against sagging and widening. In extreme cases sagging of the skin around the jaw results in jowls, a condition which requires a facelift for improvement.

Those who are serious about staying young will achieve far greater results at a clinic, than from home remedies. Aging skin can be made healthier and firmer using a relatively simple application of Doublo Lifting. 

Double Lifting is a high-intensity focused ultrasound device that penetrates deep into the skin to firm the superficial muscular aponeurotic system and facial muscle. Skin elasticity improvement can be achieved in a manner simpler than the traditional facelift. Sagging, wrinkles, and changing face shape from aging can be improved by Double Lifting. 

Users of Doublo Lifting are expected to find even greater satisfaction with the new and improved Doublo Gold Lifting, which delivers an enhanced treatment efficiency in less than half the time of treatment performed with Doublo Lifting. In December 2016 Doublo Gold Lifting was selected as a World Class Product of Korea by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. 

Doublo Gold Lifting provides all the benefits of Doublo Lifting, including elasticity restoration and wrinkle reduction, only at a higher level of effectiveness.

Dr. Myung-seung Kang of Leejiham Skin Clinic said, "The upgraded Doublo Gold Lifting is well received by patients seeking accuracy and speed in dermatological treatment." He also commented, "Perhaps the strongest appeal of Doublo Gold Lifting is the absence of visible signs of treatment and a natural-looking result, as the effect of Doublo Gold Lifting treatment becomes gradually manifest over a period of some 90 days following a treatment."


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