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  • TitleProfessional Acne Treatment Essential to Prevent Chronicity
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Acne is a skin disorder symbolic of the stresses associate with the modern lifestyle. Stress brought on by school, work, relationships, and the environment often causes intractable breakouts. Stress-triggered acne is a bane experienced across all ages, ranging from teens to 30s, to even 40s and 50s in rarer cases.

Among the various causes of acne which include habit, genetics, and age, stress is recognized as the cause most difficult to treat. Without elimination of the root cause, treatment will not bear fruit, and even the stress experienced during treatment can exacerbate acne.

If you are inconvenienced by acne of such a severity, the best solution is to be achieved with an accurate diagnosis by a professional dermatologist; not with a change of habit or skincare. Out of the plethora of acne treatment methods available today, AFit is rising as a beacon of effectiveness through word of mouth.

AFit is an all-in-one laser treatment system featuring cryogen cooling, a 1,450nm diode laser, a radio-frequency needle, and radio-frequency melting. These functions combine to reduce sebaceous excretion, improve acne scars, control remaining sebum, and regenerate collagen.

For optimum effectiveness of the laser treatment, the skin surface is heated beforehand as preparation. Ahead of the main treatment the patient's face is applied with heat from 5cm away in a "heating" procedure; this maximizes the treatment effect by releasing oil and sebum.

After this treatment preparation a 1,450nm diode laser is used to stimulate both the epidermal and dermal layers for sebaceous excretion suppression. This tackles the root cause of acne. The cryogen cooling device used as part of treatment instantly lowers epidermal temperature for epidermal protection and treatment safety. The radio-frequency emission that follows the laser emission increases the thermal efficiency of treatment.

The radio-frequency needle is used in the procedure performed to disintegrate and coagulate sebaceous gland tissue; it adds to treatment efficiency and minimizes scars. The radio-frequency melting function is the finishing touch to AFit treatment, with its recovery-supportive benefits of remaining sebum control and collagen regeneration. 

Dr. Hong-doo Kim of Dam Skin Clinic said, "Acne is a chronic disorder occurring in the pores, and a combination of treatment methods selected according to the type and timing of breakouts must be used to minimize aftereffects of acne such as pigmentation and scars." He went on to say, "Teenagers aren't the only ones trouble by acne nowadays. Adult acne is becoming common. The best way to care for your complexion is not squeezing or just trying to forget about acne, but receiving treatment by a professional dermatologist."


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