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  • TitleStress-related Breakouts Treatable with "AFit"
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Environmental factors cause embarrassing acne in adolescents as well as adults in 20s and 30s. Modern lifestyle exposes people to a range of stress factors that are causes of acne, making an active approach to acne treatment important.

Stress is the predominant cause of acne. The human body releases hormones as retaliation to nervousness and anxiety, thereby accelerating the blood pressure and pulse to distribute more blood to various parts of the body, increasing the blood sugar level. This process irritates the sebaceous glands and results in acne.

Acne caused by sebaceous gland irritation is resilient to natural recovery. Continuous exposure to internal and external stress factors only keeps the sebaceous glands under constant irritation, in which case treatment and control of acne by the sufferer alone become almost impossible.

The best way to liberate your complexion from acne is to seek medical treatment by a competent dermatologist capable of accurate diagnosis of your skin condition. Use of a folk remedy instead of proper medical treatment is likely to worsen symptoms and drive acne to a chronic phase.

Professionals and students without the free time to frequent a clinic have much to benefit from treatment with an all-in-one system. AFit suppresses sebaceous excretion with a 1,450nm diode laser which induces excellent absorption of water and oil, to resolve the root cause of acne.

A cryogen cooling device (CCD) is employed during treatment to protect the epidermis from damage. A radio-frequency emission follows a laser emission in the treatment for a greater thermal efficiency.

Ahead of the main treatment the patient's face is applied with heat from 5cm away in a "heating" procedure; this maximizes the treatment effect by releasing oil and sebum.

The procedure of disintegrating and coagulating sebaceous gland tissue is performed directly on a lesion with a radio-frequency (RF) needle for redress of the root cause of acne. After suppression of sebaceous excretion, an RF melting function is used to control remaining sebum and promote collagen regeneration.

Dr. Ji-hoon Kim of Dr. Kim's Skin and Laser Clinic steers patients away from treatments of a one-size-fits-all nature for a lack of effectiveness. Individual patients' skin condition, health, and acne severity must be considered in forming a custom treatment plan in which the intensity and number of treatments are set. Dr. Kim urges acne patients to seek consultation with a professional dermatologist of advanced knowledge and expertise.


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