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Recently, the survival rate of clinics in Korea as a business concern has been very low with the closure rate being as high as 90%. Unlike the past, simply opening a hospital does not always ensure success, and it has become increasingly clear that clinics and their doctors cannot survive without differentiation. For this reason many clinics are trying to gain differentiated advantages, such as targeting niche markets or introducing advanced devices. Within this paradigm, manufacturers of medical and aesthetic devices are competing fiercely to develop ever more effective products.


A typical example is Hironic Inc. (CEO Lee Jin-woo), a KOSDAQ-listed company. Hironic Inc. introduced its ‘Doublo’, a lifting device that utilizes HIFU technology. In 2012 it was selected as the ‘Next Generation Leading Product’ and four years later it was selected as the ‘Current Leading Product’.


Sales of the Doublo have exceeded 1,700 in Korea and abroad (as of Dec., 2016) and there are approximately 500,000 successful clinical cases in 1,500 hospitals/clinics in Korea so far (as of Dec., 2016). Recently, the Doublo Gold Limited Edition was newly launched. With this device the speed and convenience of the original Doublo has been upgraded for differentiation so that dermatologists can conduct advanced treatment.


Significantly, the treatment speed of the Doublo Gold has been doubled compared to the existing Doublo, from 17 minutes to 8 for a 300-shot treatment making it is possible to treat twice as many patients.


Furthermore, the AutoShot feature has been incorporated so that shots are continuously administered without being cut off, and the shot interval can be adjusted according to the preference of the clinician. The clinician can adjust the shot interval according to the time it takes him or her to get used to the device, their level, and other factors.


The exterior design of the Doublo Gold has won the Good Design Prize with its luxurious gold and white pearl color and sophisticated shape.


Such technology has already been officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and KOTRA, who have raised Hironic’s (CEO Lee Jin-woo) Doublo from ‘Next Generation Leading Product’ to ‘Current Leading Product’ through the ‘Global Leading Product Development Deliberation Committee.’ Only the top five globally-marketed products or products with over 5% global market share can be designated as ‘Current Leading Products’, so this is proof of Doublo’s superiority.


Hironic has developed a differentiated training system for the Doublo Gold by offering both field training and e-learning programs. Membership programs, one-day request and processing for customer service are all readily available. You may contact the Customer Support Center for details.​ 


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