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The Newest Updates on Hironic


  • TitleHironic enters the Chinese market
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  • Date16-12-01 16:32



On the 15th, Hironic announced that it had released new products and signed an MOU with Haluya, a medical device distributor in China, to embark on Chinese market entry in earnest. Hironic’s Chinese market manager expressed anticipation, “Consumers’ interest in skin beauty is increasing as of late in China. Filler and Botox therapies are being generalized. As a result, the related market scale will increase considerably. We will release new customized products to respond to local trends.” In addressing the aspirations for Chinese market entry, he continued, “I look forward to securing a large share in the Chinese market in the near future following the MOU conclusion with Haluya, a distributor specializing in medical devices in China.”


Haluya is the distributer in China for Vatech, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and LG Innotek. In addition to sales growth, he explained that another reason for Hironic’s swift pivot to target the Chinese market, “A large number of counterfeits have been found in China which can lead to consumer damage.” Recently, Hironic has analyzed some of the counterfeits at its technology research center and the results showed that a considerable number of them could cause serious skin damage. Accordingly, starting in December, Hironic will only place in the market products applied with the CQC (China Quality Certification) mark so as to facilitate the identification of genuine products.


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