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HIRONIC announced on the 9th that its executives and employees have been regularly sponsoring environmental organizations every month since July 2020.

As environmental pollution and climate change have emerged as a serious social problem, a lot of attention is being focused. To help with this, HIRONIC staffs regularly sponsored to eco-friendly organizations. To prevent environmental pollution, HIRONIC is taking the lead by changing some materials to eco-friendly packaging materials.

An official of HIRONIC said, “The issue of environmental pollution has always been a controversial issue, and it has progressed to an increasingly serious level, and now climate change and environmental destruction are occurring.” We hope for improvement.”

He added, “We hope that a positive butterfly effect that improves environmental pollution will occur through small actions by HIRONIC, and constant regular sponsorships and considerations to prevent environmental pollution will continue.”

HIRONIC is a medical esthetic company specializing in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device 'DOUBLO-GOLD', which is a representative brand, and 'PICOHI', which implements 1.67GW High Peak Power with 300 Picosecond Pulse Duration. 'PLASONIC', a complex skin care equipment using plasma and ultrasound, is leading the domestic and foreign skin care device market with its flagship products.​ 



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