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  • TitleHIRONIC, Participates in 'IMCAS 2020'
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  • Date20-01-28 13:35

하이로닉 관계자는

Medical esthetic specialist HIRONIC announced that HIRONIC will participate in the 2020 International Master Course in Aging Science (IMCAS) 20 Congress (IMCAS 2020), which will be held in Paris, France from 30 to February 1.


HIRONIC will participate in the IMCAS 2020 to present a line-up of high-quality beauty medical device equipment to overseas specialists and secure a share in the global skin care market.

PLASONIC, a skin care device using plasma and ultrasound, is a real 300ps pulse that is already visible abroad. Major products will be actively introduced, including PICOHI (PICOHI, photo), which realizes duration, and GENTLO, a micro RF needle device using high frequency. The most eye-catching product is PICOHI.

PICOHI is a picosecond based laser cosmetic medical device that is attracting attention both at home and abroad for its excellent performance of outputting stable 300ps pulse duration that exceeds the limits of existing pico lasers. It is possible to use a handpiece with various configurations such as VMLA with 4-step depth adjustment, ZMLA that can be treated in consideration of the size of the treatment site, and 532nm and 1064nm DOE in one device. Of course, the effect can also be expected in rejuvenation.

In particular, with the introduction of the real 300ps pico laser, which is also focused around the world, overseas buyers' response to the pico high is expected to be heated. If the pico laser implements the actual 300ps pulse duration uniformly, the therapeutic effect is further increased, and the procedure can be performed while minimizing damage and side effects of surrounding tissues.

An official from HIRONIC said, “We will try to find new buyers through active meetings with distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the academic year, and strive to generate stable sales in overseas markets.” We expect PICOHI to emerge as a new player in the laser equipment market as we plan to focus on expanding the European market. ”

Meanwhile, HIRONIC is a medical aesthetics company that has grown steadily as a leading player in skin care and medical devices, including the development of pico lasers with high technology intensity based on the lifting product 'DOUBLO', which leads the domestic HIFU market. . We are actively pioneering domestic and overseas markets through aggressive marketing and sales, and have established a solid equipment line-up through continuous product launches based on differentiated technology.


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