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  • TitleDoublo Gold is now upgraded, enabling lifting without any traces
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If you are past your 30s and your skin elasticity has begun to decline, you may want to consider Doublo Gold treatment.

Your face consists of approximately 80 fine muscles that create all the various facial movements that express your personality. As you get older, the muscles become stiffer and weaker, which leads to aging. The skin surface sags and loses elasticity, so your facial features change and wrinkles start to appear.

Such changes become visible in your 30s because that is when the skin starts to lose elasticity. Aging starts to accelerate in various parts of the body including the skin, so it is the common opinion of specialists that regular measures to improve skin elasticity need to be taken.

Unfortunately, massages and cosmetics cannot fundamentally improve skin elasticity. It is close to impossible to fully recover skin elasticity through natural methods, so you need to visit a dermatologist for specialized care to achieve visible results.

So far, many types of lifting methods have been developed, such as laser and thread lifting. However, Doublo lifting is receiving more attention because it is simpler. The effectiveness of the Doublo lifting method is due to the high-intensity ultrasound waves that are focused deep into the skin. The result is a total lifting effect that is unmatched by other techniques. Indeed, Duoblo has proven to be very effective for treating skin that is sagging due to aging, wrinkles and face contour lines.

Other advantages of Hironic Korea’s Doublo are that less treatment time is required and the device has   added functions for convenience and better accuracy. Results have shown that customer satisfaction is very high and clinics are very pleased to offer a differentiated treatment that is very competitive.           

More specifically, Doublo Gold lifting treatment has reduced the treatment time for 300 shots from 17 to 8 minutes compared to existing devices. And features such as continuous shots and shot interval adjustment have been added to provide a more convenient and more satisfactory treatment.

Patients treated with Doublo Gold have shown a high level of satisfaction especially for double chin and V-line lifting. Furthermore, Doublo Gold treatment has also proven to be more effective than existing devices for elasticity improvement of the entire face, and prevention and cure of wrinkles along the jawline, forehead and eye areas. Therefore, Duovlo Gold can be applied to various types of skin lifting treatments.

Dr. Park Min-woo, Director of the prestigious Leejiham Dermatologic Clinic, Pyeongtaek Branch, says that elasticity improvement becomes visible approximately 90 days after treatment. It is not a treatment that is visible only on the day of treatment. Rather the effects become more and more visible as time passes for natural results. However, he recommends that you first consult a dermatologist to precisely diagnose and treat your skin according to its aging progress, and to ensure safe treatment with certified, genuine products.



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