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If you’re worried that acne will disturb your job interview, then you have to control the sebaceous glands.





 The job interview season is when people care most about their looks. The objective is to give a good impression to the interviewers. Many people are worried about their skin the most.

Even if you are born with fair skin, trouble may arise, such as acne from stress or exposure to harmful environments. The condition of the skin changes due to seasonal and environmental changes, and other factors. Therefore, skin trouble is a concern for all, regardless of age or gender. Then, what is the solution for acne?

If acne is a concern for you, you must first understand the cause. Basically, acne is due to a combination of various factors rather than only one. Most of the time, excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands is the main reason. In addition, chemical ingredients in cosmetics, family history, and the acne virus make skin trouble worse.

Therefore, if your acne suddenly becomes worse, or the aggravated acne does not disappear, it would help to check your personal hygiene habits or lifestyle. Examine various factors such as how often you change pillow covers or whether your cosmetics are suitable for your skin type or if you are stressed about something and so on.

You also need to focus on improving excessive sebum, which is the fundamental cause of acne. The most effective way of reducing sebum secretion is to destroy the sebaceous glands which secrete sebum. In many cases, the destruction of sebaceous is an essential part of acne treatment.

A typical example is the Miraclear treatment. Miraclear is a 3rd generation IPL skin treatment device officially licensed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The device is effective at opening up the pores through negative pressure and intakes sebum to get rid of impurities. It enables extraction without pain, sterilization of viruses, and cooling down of sebaceous glands. Its effectiveness and safety have been proven by many clinical experiments.


Miraclear extracts the sebum while injecting LED wavelengths around the acne area to sterilize acne bacteria and suppress the sebaceous glands with IPL to promote dermal regeneration. Thus, it improves skin impurities by destroying deep sebaceous glands while generally improving the skin condition by reducing pores, improving skin tone, soothing redness, and other benefits.

Dr. Lee Yoo-deuk, Director of Leejiham Dermatology Clinics said, “The benefit of the vacuum acne extraction method is that there is no pain compared to manual extraction. The duration time is very short at 10~15 minutes and the hand piece is easily replaceable for better hygiene. It is worth considering when treating various types of skin troubles.”

Dr. Lee said, “Stress from skim impurities is difficult to overcome with willpower alone. If you have skin problems, it is better for your skin and your self-esteem to actively find ways for treatment, rather than putting up with it. Acne is especially difficult to improve through cosmetics or lifestyle, therefore it is recommended to consult with a doctor to find an appropriate method for treatment.” 


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