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  • Date24-06-05 16:55

Cristián de la Fuente, renowned for his work on screen, has recently brought significant attention to HIRONIC's innovative product, the New Doublo, by undergoing a non-surgical facelift procedure and sharing the results with his followers. He not only showcases the efficacy and appeal of the New Doublo, but it also highlights HIRONIC’s standing in the aesthetic technology market. De la Fuente's experience with the New Doublo, conducted comfortably in an aesthetic clinic and shared enthusiastically across social media, exemplifies the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

His positive feedback and visible results post-treatment have potentially increased consumer trust and interest in non-invasive cosmetic solutions, underscoring HIRONIC's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the beauty and health industry.

By leveraging the influence and testimonial of Cristián de la Fuente, HIRONIC can further solidify its position as a leader in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.


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