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  • TitleHIRONIC Equipment Takes the Spotlight at Seoul and Busan Exhibitions
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  • Date23-09-26 15:44


On September 3rd, HIRONIC showcased its flagship devices, NEW DOUBLO™ (Domestic Name: V-RO Lifting™) and PICOHI300™, at a scientific conference organized by the Association of Buulgyeong Dermatologists (Busan, South Korea). During the conference, Dr. Won Gyu Hong from the Human Dermatology Clinic in Incheon delivered a lecture titled “Total Rejuvenation Treatment with V-RO Lifting™.”

Following the successful presentation in Busan, the HIRONIC team also participated in an exhibition hosted by the Korean Aesthetic Surgery Laser Society (Seoul, South Korea) on September 10th. Doctor Gee Bum Kim, one of HIRONIC’s KOLs, prepared a lecture focusing on the application of MFU and RF energies in the field of aesthetic medicine. This lecture provided the audience with a new perspective on the therapeutic potential of versatile equipment like NEW DOUBLO™.

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