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About Us
Hironic prides itself for staying at the cutting edge of technology.

CEO Greetings

Sincerely,Lee, Jin-woo CEO

Hironic aims to create value for beauty and health,
as well as ‘medical devices development’

Hironic’s management philosophy is ‘to beautify mankind’ so the company focuses on developing differentiated products that will create value for consumers, instead of simply trying to beat its competitors. Hironic is keeping its customers beautiful and healthy through its diverse range of technology and products which includes skin-lifting devices utilizing HIFU technology that treats aging skin safely, cooling lipolysis technology that decomposes fat more easily, and non-incisional hair transplant technology that treats hair loss effectively and efficiently.

Hironic aims for “happy life through growth.” Hironic has chosen “beauty of mankind”, “shared growth”, and “happiness for everyone” as the main CSR keywords, and has established a long-term CSR plan. As part of its fulfillment of its social responsibilities Hironic has been donating 1% of its net profits to the Korea Minjok Leadership Academy, which is a school for developing leaders with a national spirit. The company also helps fulfill bucket lists for employees to foster a better working environment. Hironic aims to secure healthy lives and environments for its employees, stakeholders, customers, collaborating corporations and the wider community through various CSR activities.

Fostering and achieving happiness is at the core of everything that Hironic endeavors to achieve. Hironic’s growth aims for to realize the happiness of its members, and the company promises to share what it has achieved. Hironic will continue its efforts to create beauty and health for its customers through differentiated and customer-oriented technology as well as social contributions.

Hironic Co., Ltd. CEO(주)하이로닉 대표이사 이진우