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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

New generation of skin care system



Incomparable solution delivery technology via plasma (PlaPass) and ultrasonic(SonoPass) in one system.

PlaPass technology stimulates solution delivery through effect. Then the skin with membrane potential effect, then SonoPass gives physical pressure on the particles and helps them to absorb into deep skin layer.

With the technology, aestheticians are able to provide. wide range of customized premium programs with effect of DDS (Drug Delivery System)


99% of the material is made up of plasma in universe. Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary matter, although this hypothesis is currently tentative based on the existence and unknown properties. Plasma is one of the four fundamental statesof matter along with solid, liquid and gas.


Recently, plasma has expended its application to the beauty market. Plasma ion is emitted as invisible size of 20 to 50 ㎛ which transfers the energy into the skin.
Solution are dissolved into the skin temporarily as the cell adhesion molecules break due by plasma effect.


Ultrasound (US) has an ever-increasing role in the delivery of therapeutic agents including genetic material, proteins, and chemotherapeutic agents.
Sonopass is an active form of transdermal delivery which enhances the transport of permeants, such as solution through cell membranes as a result of ultrasonic energy.





Maximum Drug Delivery

Increase Absorption

Skin Rejuvenation
and Moisturizing

Toning Effect

Wrinkle Care

Skin Regeneration

PlaPass Effect 1Maximum Drug Delivery (high absorption effect)

After plasma treatment, all types of ampoule through low and high viscosity, are highly absorbed within 30 seconds. Plapass sterilizes and stimulates the skin treatment process which leads to anti-bacteria, skin regeneration, DDSD and toning effect.

PlaPass Effect 2Skin Regeneration (healthier skin)

(Reference) Evaluation of Plasma Skin Regeneration Technology in Low-Energy Full–Facial Rejuvenation
Melissa A. Bole, MD; Kenneth A. Arndt, MD; Jefferey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC

Facial appearance before (A) and 3 month after (B) plasma skin regeneration,
with improvement in pigmentation and skin texture. Investigator-rated improvement on the 9-point 8 improvement in overall skin rejuvenation was 90%. This result also shows that plasma can effect skin toning and slight wrinkle care.

PLASONIC Advantage

High Power Energy

PlaPass Square Tip

Long Lasting Tip

Plasonic Device

Intuitive Touch Panel

User Friendly Device

Hand-piece Design

PlaPass Square Tip

Long Lasting Plasma Tip

Square tip designed on consideration of minimize the energy loss
Plasma tip of PLASOSNIC is able to be used up to 3 hours (180 minutes) each. It lasts 20% longer than other tips Therefore, 15 more users can be treated with one tip, making it more efficient and affordable.

Intuitive Touch Panel

Multi language system,
Intuitive icon, and GUI system

English and Chinese Version

User Friendly Cradle

Semi-automatic detachable
and bi-directional hand piece cradle

Easy Upgrade

Distinctive Connector

Different shapes of hand-piece
connectors to prevent misconnection

Ergonomic Handpiece

Overall Device



Dubai Derma 2019

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

HIRONIC participated at Dubai Derma 2019!

​Regarding the exhibition, more than 200 visitors visited our booth and got many inquiries from 25 countries. Thanks to visitors, we could finish this exhibition very successfully, and it was a good opportunity to know the market trend and needs in the Middle East region and promote our new products such as Plasonic and Slimus. We sincerely hope to see you at Dubai Derma 2020 again.

KIMES 2019

Location : COEX, Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

Location : Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

HIRONIC participated at KIMES 2019!

​HIRONIC successfully finished KIMES 2019 (35th Korea International Medical & Hospital quipment Show) held at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul from March 14th - 17th. KIMES is the largest medical equipment show in Korea and more than 70,000 visitors including 4,143 foreign visitors attended. Taking this opportunity, HIRONIC exhibited its main flagship products such as DOUBLO GOLD, MICOOL, SLIMUS, PLASONIC, ULTRA VERA, Q-FIT, and A-FIT. We were pleased to meet the medical professionals and share ideas with existing and potential partners. We are already looking forward to KIMES 2020 and welcome your visit.

ADD 2019

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

HIRONIC participated at AAD 2019!

HIRONIC attend AAD 2019 (American Academy of Dermatology) which is held at the Washington Convention Center from March 1st - 3rd, 2019. More than 18,000 doctors attended and, with this opportunity HIRONIC displayed its prime products such as SLIMUS, PLASONIC, Q-FIT, and A-FIT(USA FDA approved). We were glad to meet our current partners and also new potential partners and enjoyed the meetings with many medical professionals. HIRONIC is already looking forward to AAD 2020 to be held in Denver and welcomes your visit

IMCAS 2019

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

HIRONIC participated at IMCAS 2019!

​IMCAS 2019 was another successful exhibition for HIRONIC! We had meaningful meetings with various medical professionals in field, and would like to thank everyone who visited our booth to share valuable time together. Not only that, we had a lecture about Doublo Gold and Plasonic, presented by Dr. Sabatier (Dermatologist, France) to provide clinical information about devices for users.

EADV 2018

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

HIRONIC will participate at EADV 2018!

EADV2018 will provide the best platform for all participants to boost and update their knowledge in dermatological science and technology through a variety of courses, workshops and lectures. Join HIRONIC to see innovative devices which includes our newly launched SLIMUS.

FACE 2018

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

HIRONIC participated at FACE 2018!

Hironic was able to successfully attend FACE 2018, UK’s premiere scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatment. It was our second launching show for SLIMUS and thankfully many doctors and professionals were interested in SLIMUS, and had done many demonstration treatments. For FACE 2018, HIRONIC displayed Doublo Gold, Micool-A, and SLIMUS. Once again, we highly appreciate your visit. See you soon!