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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

Make your perfect


Way to reduce fat cells

1. The most effective

2. The most economical

3. The most safe

It’s a SENSible choice



The cooling energy is delivered to subcutaneous fat layer without any other damage to surrounding tissues.



Effectiveness lasts forever even after only one treatment.



Cryo fat reduction is Apoptosis treatment not Necrosis.



No Anesthesia, Non Invasive, No Side Effect

How Does It Work



Place the applicator on the target area then fat layer is sucked up inside applicator to the cooling plate.

Delivering  Cooling Energy

Cooling Energy

Precisely controlled strong cooling Energy.



Only affect fat layer without Damage to other tissues.



Frozen fat cells are dead and gradually eliminated from the body by natural metabolism processes.

Reduction of Subcutaneous
Fat Layer

Eliminates 25% ~ 30% fat on the treated area after 12 weeks


0 week


4 weeks


12 week

Various Treatment Areas with
ONE Multi Applicator

Various Treatment Areas with ONE Multi Applicator
Various Treatment Areas with ONE Multi Applicator

Versatile Dual Applicators

Dual applicators treat diverse target areas and
reduce treatment time

Versatile Dual Applicators
Versatile Dual Applicators

Reliable Technology

Reliable Technology
Reliable Technology

8 temperature sensors

We use 8 temperature sensors on each applicator
That detect precise temperature and guarantee reliable treatment.

Safe Treatment

Safe Treatment

High Quality Gel Pad

We use a high quality gel that doesn’t freeze below - 20℃
so it protects skin and prevents frostbite from cooling energy

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Smart Liner

It prevents malfunction by gel inflow and
eliminates the need to clean the hand piece tubes.

Treatment Area







outer thighs

Outer thighs

bra line

Bra line

inner thighs

Inner thighs

Clinical Data


Efficacy approved by Medical Article accepted in SCI level medical journal
(Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy)

Study 1
Clinical effectiveness of
non-invasive selective cryolipolysis

Study 2
The efficacy and safety of cold-induced lipolysis
in the treatment of pseudogynecomastia


Woo Jae maeng / Korea

The MICOOL is a device that uses cryonic stimulus called cryolipolysis to effectively remove subcutaneous fat only. As there are applicators with various curves, it can be easily applied to various areas with subcutaneous fat. The MICOOL procedure is very effective without special side effects and causes less pain and discomfort than conventional injection procedures and mechanical procedures. Also, as it has a relatively shorter downtime, and causes little discomfort, it can be easily combined with other contouring programs

Yung-Lin LIU / Korea

MICOOL, the innovation of “fat freezing”, is a simple, cool-effective and safe way to achieve your ideal body shape.


Dubai Derma 2019

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

HIRONIC participated at Dubai Derma 2019!

​Regarding the exhibition, more than 200 visitors visited our booth and got many inquiries from 25 countries. Thanks to visitors, we could finish this exhibition very successfully, and it was a good opportunity to know the market trend and needs in the Middle East region and promote our new products such as Plasonic and Slimus. We sincerely hope to see you at Dubai Derma 2020 again.

KIMES 2019

Location : COEX, Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

Location : Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

HIRONIC participated at KIMES 2019!

​HIRONIC successfully finished KIMES 2019 (35th Korea International Medical & Hospital quipment Show) held at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul from March 14th - 17th. KIMES is the largest medical equipment show in Korea and more than 70,000 visitors including 4,143 foreign visitors attended. Taking this opportunity, HIRONIC exhibited its main flagship products such as DOUBLO GOLD, MICOOL, SLIMUS, PLASONIC, ULTRA VERA, Q-FIT, and A-FIT. We were pleased to meet the medical professionals and share ideas with existing and potential partners. We are already looking forward to KIMES 2020 and welcome your visit.

ADD 2019

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

HIRONIC participated at AAD 2019!

HIRONIC attend AAD 2019 (American Academy of Dermatology) which is held at the Washington Convention Center from March 1st - 3rd, 2019. More than 18,000 doctors attended and, with this opportunity HIRONIC displayed its prime products such as SLIMUS, PLASONIC, Q-FIT, and A-FIT(USA FDA approved). We were glad to meet our current partners and also new potential partners and enjoyed the meetings with many medical professionals. HIRONIC is already looking forward to AAD 2020 to be held in Denver and welcomes your visit

IMCAS 2019

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

HIRONIC participated at IMCAS 2019!

​IMCAS 2019 was another successful exhibition for HIRONIC! We had meaningful meetings with various medical professionals in field, and would like to thank everyone who visited our booth to share valuable time together. Not only that, we had a lecture about Doublo Gold and Plasonic, presented by Dr. Sabatier (Dermatologist, France) to provide clinical information about devices for users.

EADV 2018

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

HIRONIC will participate at EADV 2018!

EADV2018 will provide the best platform for all participants to boost and update their knowledge in dermatological science and technology through a variety of courses, workshops and lectures. Join HIRONIC to see innovative devices which includes our newly launched SLIMUS.

FACE 2018

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

HIRONIC participated at FACE 2018!

Hironic was able to successfully attend FACE 2018, UK’s premiere scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatment. It was our second launching show for SLIMUS and thankfully many doctors and professionals were interested in SLIMUS, and had done many demonstration treatments. For FACE 2018, HIRONIC displayed Doublo Gold, Micool-A, and SLIMUS. Once again, we highly appreciate your visit. See you soon!
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