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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

GentleRF Solution

Synergy effect

RF & PLASMA Energy Synergy Effect

Innovative Combination of

GENTLO is the first innovative RF device unified
with PLASMA technology.

It can maximize the synergy skin treatment effect from the
epidermis to the dermis
and delivers optimal result such as lifting,
tightening and skin revitalization overall.


All insulated and non-insulated needle type 2000 shot treatment possible
Resurfacing, Acne scar, Hypertrophic, Stretch mark, Tightening

Special RF Microneedle of GENTLO

Adjustable needle depth from 0.5mm to 3.5mm
and affording non-insulated or insulated needle effect

Wide viewing angle

With a 25% smaller tip size of surface area,
minimizing overlap during treatment
and providing a wide viewing angle for
more accurate and precise procedures.


whitening, sterlization, tightening, relaxing absorbing best cosmetic ingredient 466% more
Unique feature and technology Proven treatment result by clinical trial result


99% of the material is made up of plasma in universe.
Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary
although this hypothesis is currently tentative
based on the
existence and unknown properties.
Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter
unlike the
other form of solid, liquid and gas.

Skin Booster AMPOULE?

The ampoule contains amino acids, vitamin, and 4 different tripeptides which include
growth factors in high concentrations. It is a dual functional skin booster that improves
the effect of PLASONIC treatment through skin rejuvenation and whitening.

All in One Total solution

GENTLO provides optional applicators for various indications

5 hand-pieces


RF Monopolar 1pin needle

Selective sebaceous glands destruction

RF Needle selectively destroys sebaceous glands
No damaging the epidermis, Treating acne fundamentally, Preventing recurrence


RF Monopolar Circle

Bulk heating before and after treatment

With the small RF ceramic, transmission of RF energy to the skin that difficult to
target treat by needle
Use for before and after acne treatment and general skin rejuvenation,
also for women’s vulvar treatment possible


RF Monopolar Bar type

Special Vaginal Treatment

With a convenient radiofrequency treatment for specially women
Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical, and no anesthesia required
Specially ergonomic-designed curved hand-piece
treatment for vaginal rejuvenation & tightening, colpoxerosis

Treatment  Lesion

RF Treatment

Scar treatment, Stretch Marks,
Skin Lifting,
Overall rejuvenation,
Lifting, Acne, Black and white
Comedo ,
Pore, Fine wrinkle,
Skin revitalization, Resurfacing,
hyperhidrosis, Tightening,

PLASMA Treatment

Skin Texture, Toning effect,
Whitening, Dryness,
pore density, hydration,
Wrinkles, Drug delivery

RF for Women

Vaginal Tightening,
vulva whitening,
Vaginal rejuvenation


On connecting online, checking self device monitoring and diagnosis
and providing optimal treatment guide for users


Smart Integrated System(SIS)

Self-device monitoring & diagnosis through online
and enabling real-time troubleshooting without visiting

R.M.S (Remote Maintenance System)

Through accumulative treatment data, providing the best
and safety protocol for each lesion for giving utmost
guide to users


Big Data System

Through accumulative treatment data,
providing the best and safety protocol for each
for giving utmost guide to users


Easy & Intuitive GUI

Colorful genius, GENTLO GUI


Easy to Use

GENTLO Specification