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·Low-level-laser-therapy device for body slimming
·Reduction of unwanted fat and body contouring
·Safe, easy and painless treatment
·Innovative design and intuitive user interface

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Advantages
LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)
- Bye Lipo™ is non-invasive Low-Level-Laser(LLL) therapy device indicated for use in body slimming.
- Bye Lipo™ provides patients with noninvasive lipolysis treatment easily and safely.
- Adipocytes are irradiated by energy.
- Fat cell membranes break down.
- Water, free fatty acids and glycerol spill out.
- The tissues are reduced.
Source TypeAlGalnP(Diode)
Output Power40mW/beam + 15%
Multi Probe8 channel (8EA LD each)
En Probe4 channel (1EA LD each)
Operating ModeContinuous wave
Power Supply100-240Vac. 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionMax. 100VA
Display5 inch TFT LCD
Dimensions (mm)341(W)X343(D)X239(H)
Safe, Easy and Painless treatment
- Combined other treatments possible (Liposuction, botox, and medication etc)
- Various body areas for reducing unwanted fat (arm, abdomen and thigh etc)
- No surgery, No downtime, No pain body contouring mechanism
Sleek & Stylish Design
- Compact and light main body shape
- Easy and intuitive to use even for beginners
- User-friendly 5” graphic LCD combined touch panel system
Affordable Price But Excellent Results
A competitive price compare to its excellent results