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Overcoming challenges in the medical device industry.

All in One Solution

for Skin Trouble

RF Added 1450nm Diode Laser + CCD
& RF Needle
& RF Bipolar

AFit indications

ANovel Device for
Skin Trouble Treatment

Full Performance by 3 Handpieces

Distictive, Strong performance by three types of handpiece
RF Added + 1450nm Diode Laser +CCD, RF Needle, Bipolar RF

RLS(RF Laser Synergy)Technology

We designed Improvement over 20~30% Heating Effect for Laser & RF Synergy
maximum perfomance with emitting 5 times CCD and 4 times Laser seperately, adding RF energy
for gradual thermal effect, finally make treatments safer and more effective

Maximum Thermal energy

With bipolar RF and Cryogen Cooling Device(CCD), 1450nm Diode Laser generates maximum thermal effect in sebaceous gland and dermis.

1450nm Diode Laser's Feature

1450nm diode laser is high absorbed by water and fat in the skin

Delivering Safe & Powerful Energy
by CCD(Cryogen Cooling Deviece)

NO pain:

It can protect the skin surface by irradiating CCD it is possible to transmit safe and strong thermal energy.

-25℃ cooling system :

Instantaneous cooling of the skin surface through -25C to maintain the surface temperature at -5 to -9C

Powerful energy :

it is possible to transmit safe and strong thermal energy.

Uniform and stable energy supply
by TSS (Triple Safety Sensor)

Pressure sensor :

Measuring pressure of CCD refrigerant gas

Temperature sensor :

Use overheat prevention sensor

Photointerrupter :

Dual safety device used for constant derivation of refrigerant gas

Two Different Customization Modes (Soft and Normal Mode)

Sebum Control for Acne through laser toning “Soft Mode”.
Overall Facial Treatment through 3 Steps (CCD +1450nm Laser + RF), “Normal Mode”.

Soft Mode(Acne Toning) Treatment

Normal Mode Treatment

Skin Treatment Multiplayer

Acne & Pimpled Skin, Rough Skin, Oily Skin, Loose Skin, Stretchmarks, Syringoma

For skin with acne and pimples

For uncared acne that left a facial mark.

For oily skin

For reduced skin elasticity and wrinkles.

Patent Application

Selective sebaceous glands desruction

RF Needle selectively destroys sebaceous glands
No damaging the epidermis, Treating acne fundamentally, Preventing recurrence

Diverse RF Needle size

Recovery Program by Bipolar RF

Fast recovery speed through remodeling the collagen, Remaining sebum processing Available treatments per different skin depths with 0.5Mhz, 0.7Mhz, 1.0Mhz

Easy & Simple GUI

One Touch control system for Easy setting with Jog-Shuttle


Convenient Setting Mode

Every function can be used only when user want to use function conveniently.
The function can be turned ON / OFF in the setting mode.

1Sound control : ON / OFF

2Auto shot : Continuous shot function is possible by ON / OFF

3Auto calibration :
- Auto Calibration (ON) : it will proceed automatically when you change the Fluence value
- Manual Calibration (OFF) : it will proceed manually when user need

4CCD Setting :
Possible to display CCD by step or numerical value ( EASY / EXPERT)

For Doctor

Various Treatment :

Various combinations can be made with one device

Laser and RF Synergy :

The combination of Laser and RF enhances the effect

Time Save

Reducing the Number of treatment and Saving the time  

For Patient


NoSide effect



Clinical Data


Dr. ji. Hoon. Kim

AFit Supports to treat various skin troubles such as acne, acne scar, skin rejuvenation and sebaceous glad control with strong 1450nm laser and RF micro needle with cryogen gas supporting. ”

Kim Ji Hoon Department of
Dermatology / KOREA

Dr. Kim. Hong. Do

AFit is latest solution for acne and sebum indications. It`s powerful combination of 1450nm laser, Bipolar RF and micro RF needle draws perfect synergy effect to treat the sebum control the most effective way. ”

Dam skin Clinic / KOREA

Dr. Min woo Park

As a result of the AFit procedure, we were able to experience a much more technologically improved part because of the additional thermal effect of RF, which is more thermally effective than using only 1450nm laser output. It is also possible to combine treat with RF needles in order to treat most acne lesions. Therefore, it is equipment that is considered to be superior in terms of efficiency

Leejiham skin Clinic / KOREA

News & Media

HIRONIC, releases a innovative system of AFIT that combines Laser and RF

Acne treatment, it would be chronic when it misses the time for treatment

Acne and sebum secretion induced from stress, effective the treatment result with AFIT


Dubai Derma 2019

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

Location : International Convention
Date : March 18 – March 20

HIRONIC participated at Dubai Derma 2019!

​Regarding the exhibition, more than 200 visitors visited our booth and got many inquiries from 25 countries. Thanks to visitors, we could finish this exhibition very successfully, and it was a good opportunity to know the market trend and needs in the Middle East region and promote our new products such as Plasonic and Slimus. We sincerely hope to see you at Dubai Derma 2020 again.

KIMES 2019

Location : COEX, Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

Location : Seoul, Korea
Date : March 14 – March 17

HIRONIC participated at KIMES 2019!

​HIRONIC successfully finished KIMES 2019 (35th Korea International Medical & Hospital quipment Show) held at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul from March 14th - 17th. KIMES is the largest medical equipment show in Korea and more than 70,000 visitors including 4,143 foreign visitors attended. Taking this opportunity, HIRONIC exhibited its main flagship products such as DOUBLO GOLD, MICOOL, SLIMUS, PLASONIC, ULTRA VERA, Q-FIT, and A-FIT. We were pleased to meet the medical professionals and share ideas with existing and potential partners. We are already looking forward to KIMES 2020 and welcome your visit.

ADD 2019

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

Location : WASHINGTON, D.C.
Date: March 1 - March 3

HIRONIC participated at AAD 2019!

HIRONIC attend AAD 2019 (American Academy of Dermatology) which is held at the Washington Convention Center from March 1st - 3rd, 2019. More than 18,000 doctors attended and, with this opportunity HIRONIC displayed its prime products such as SLIMUS, PLASONIC, Q-FIT, and A-FIT(USA FDA approved). We were glad to meet our current partners and also new potential partners and enjoyed the meetings with many medical professionals. HIRONIC is already looking forward to AAD 2020 to be held in Denver and welcomes your visit

IMCAS 2019

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

Location : Paris, France
Date : January 31 – February 2

HIRONIC participated at IMCAS 2019!

​IMCAS 2019 was another successful exhibition for HIRONIC! We had meaningful meetings with various medical professionals in field, and would like to thank everyone who visited our booth to share valuable time together. Not only that, we had a lecture about Doublo Gold and Plasonic, presented by Dr. Sabatier (Dermatologist, France) to provide clinical information about devices for users.

EADV 2018

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

Location : Paris, France
Date : September 12 – September 16

HIRONIC will participate at EADV 2018!

EADV2018 will provide the best platform for all participants to boost and update their knowledge in dermatological science and technology through a variety of courses, workshops and lectures. Join HIRONIC to see innovative devices which includes our newly launched SLIMUS.

FACE 2018

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

Location : QEII Centre, London
Date : JUNE 14 – JUNE 16

HIRONIC participated at FACE 2018!

Hironic was able to successfully attend FACE 2018, UK’s premiere scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatment. It was our second launching show for SLIMUS and thankfully many doctors and professionals were interested in SLIMUS, and had done many demonstration treatments. For FACE 2018, HIRONIC displayed Doublo Gold, Micool-A, and SLIMUS. Once again, we highly appreciate your visit. See you soon!