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  • Date24-02-02 20:07

On February 1st, the Open Stage at the IMCAS World Congress featured two enlightening lectures on GENTLO™, HIRONIC's comprehensive RF solution system.

Dr. Zahide Eriş from Turkiye, an esteemed dermatology expert with a rich research background, provided insights into her experience using the unique RF-microneedling technology embedded in GENTLO™ for treating acne scars. Following this, Dr. Christian Fayard from France, Director of the Academy CF and a member of the Société Française de Médecine Morphologique et Anti-Âge, delved into the synergistic treatment effects of RF-microneedling and PLASMA combination, facilitated by GENTLO™.

HIRONIC extends sincere gratitude to Dr. Eriş and Dr. Fayard for their invaluable contributions and dedication in sharing their experiences with our products. We look forward to the possibility of collaboration in the future.

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